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Bowtech Amplify


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Crank up everything you thought possible in this price range because nothing holds a tune to the new Amplify. With a full 62 pounds of draw-weight adjustability and 9” of draw-length adjustment, it’ll accommodate virtually any archer to perfection. Add the accuracy and hard-hitting power of our Binary Cam system and you’ve got more smooth-drawing, arrow-splitting precision than anything in its class.


Synchronized Binary Cams
X-cutting accuracy. A smooth draw cycle. Simple tuning you can set and forget. Our Binary Cam system is engineered with two perfectly symmetrical cams slaved together for flat-line nock travel and bombproof consistency.


Now you can shift from maximum speed and power to hard-hitting with a smoother draw, to the ultimate in shooting comfort. New PowerShift™ technology quickly adjusts to your shooting style with no need for a bow press in just a few minutes.


Orbit Dampener
Significantly reduces all felt vibration while offsetting the weight of additional accessories.


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Black, Gray, Green, Mossy Oak Breakup Country

Axle to Axle


Brace Height


Draw Length


Draw Weight

8-70 lbs

IBO Rate

335 fps

Mass Weight

4.0 lbs